Kroger's Community Rewards

You can support the Lady Irish every time you shop at Kroger, using your Kroger Plus Card.  You can REGISTER ONLINE.  Registering does not effect your fuel points.  Please note, we have a new Non-Profit Organization number assigned by Kroger.  The new number is:  IS075.  (the letters " I  S " and then numbers 075)

Please note, our organization may not show up when searching from your account.  If you change your home store to one with a zip code of 43617, you can find our organization.  After you have signed up, you can change your home store back to your normal store and you're all set!

The United Way

The United Way is now allowing all registered 501c3 organizations to become partners in fundraising and donation opportunities.  You, or anybody you know, can select the Northwest Ohio Lady Irish Fastpitch Softball, Inc to receive donations.  

This is great news for our organization and I encourage you to participate.  This opportunity will help us fund our annual scholarship which is given to a deserving athlete each year.  You can simply fill out the form and write our name "Northwest Ohio Lady Irish Fastpitch Softball, Inc" in the box marked 'other' and the Lady Irish will receive 85% of all donations over $50!  Please share this information with all your friends and family and help us continue to fund our awesome scholarship opportunity. 

Amazon Charity

This is a great opportunity to support the Lady Irish by doing something you're already doing.  Log into AMAZON using the following link.  WWW.SMILE.AMAZON.COM  .  Once there, you'll be able to select your charity.  Look up your charity, which is:  NORTHWEST OHIO LADY IRISH FAST-PITCH SOFTBALL.  Every time you log into SMILE.AMAZON.COM, a portion of your purchase will be donated to the Lady Irish Organization!  

Pass this on to all your friends and help support YOUR LADY IRISH!

Glass Bowl Clean Ups

Here is an opportunity to earn money toward your player fees by volunteering at the Glass Bowl.  These are quick and easy. To maximize your time and effectiveness, feel free to bring your leaf blower to speed up the process!  Report to the Northwest Gate by the time lasted on each night.

Savage Arena Clean Up

Here is an easy opportunity to earn some money toward your player fees.  Clean up after events at the Savage Arena.  Please make sure you check in and send Cory a message with all attendees.

Valentines 50

The Valentine's 50 worker schedule has been published. You can sign up HERE to reserve your shift.  You'll earn $30 for each shift which will be applied to your player fees. If you are paid in full, you'll receive cash for your work!  Thanks in advance for SIGNING UP!